Oregon Statutes - Chapter 462 - Racing - Section 462.250 - Organization of commission; employees of commission and appointed officials to conduct race meets; commission to fix compensation; rules and regulations.

(1) The Oregon Racing Commission shall organize by electing one of its members chairperson and one vice chairperson.

(2) The commission shall appoint an executive director, who may be a member of the commission or an employee of the commission in another capacity, a chief state steward and such other employees as are necessary in the performance of the commission’s duties. The commission shall fix, within the limits provided by law, and pay the compensation of the executive director and shall fix and pay the compensation of the chief state steward and other employees of the commission.

(3) The commission shall appoint for each race meet stewards, deputy stewards, stewards’ reporters, auditors, judges, inspectors, security personnel, chemists, veterinarians, plate inspectors and such other officials as are necessary for the proper conduct of the race meet. The duties of such officials shall be fixed by the commission and their compensation shall be paid by the commission or the race meet licensee, as the commission may prescribe by regulation. The compensation of officials paid by the commission shall be reasonable and shall be fixed by the commission. In fixing such compensation, the commission shall take into account the compensation customarily paid like officials at race meets of a similar type and size. The officials appointed by the commission under this subsection shall not be subject to the State Personnel Relations Law.

(4) The commission may combine in a single person the duties of one or more employees or officials, as efficiency and economy may require.

(5) The commission shall appoint a board of stewards for each race meet.

(a) The board shall consist of the chief state steward, ex officio, and not more than four other persons. For any race meet, the commission may appoint a deputy state steward to act in behalf or as assistant to the chief state steward. The compensation of the chief state steward and deputy state stewards shall be paid by the commission; the compensation of the other stewards shall be paid by the race meet licensee.

(b) The chief state steward, or in the absence of the chief state steward the deputy state steward, shall preside over the board of stewards. The board of stewards shall, under the supervision and direction of the commission, enforce the provisions of this chapter, the rules and regulations of the commission and the customs of the course at the race meet for which it is appointed, and in such enforcement may exercise such power and authority of the commission as the commission may by regulation prescribe.

(6) The commission shall prescribe rules and regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter. [Amended by 1955 c.640 §1; 1957 c.313 §11; 1969 c.356 §25; 1987 c.413 §16]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008