Oregon Statutes - Chapter 468B - Water Quality - Section 468B.167 - Ground water resource protection strategy; advisory committees.

(1) The Department of Environmental Quality shall implement the following ground water resource protection strategy:

(a) Coordinate projects and activities of other agencies designed to reduce impacts on ground water from:

(A) Commercial and industrial activities;

(B) Commercial and residential use of fertilizers and pesticides;

(C) Residential and sewage treatment activities; and

(D) Any other activity that may result in contaminants entering the ground water.

(b) Provide educational and informational materials to promote public awareness and involvement in the protection, conservation and restoration of Oregonís ground water resource. Public information materials shall be designed to inform the general public about the nature and extent of ground water contamination, alternatives to practices that contaminate ground water and the effects of human activities on ground water quality. In addition, educational programs shall be designed for specific segments of the population that may have specific impacts on the ground water resource.

(c) Coordinate the development of local ground water protection programs, including but not limited to local well head protection programs.

(d) Award grants for the implementation of projects approved under the criteria established under ORS 468B.171.

(e) Develop and maintain a centralized repository for information about ground water, including but not limited to:

(A) Hydrogeologic characterizations;

(B) Results of local and statewide monitoring or testing of ground water;

(C) Data obtained from ground water quality protection research or development projects; and

(D) Alternative residential, industrial and agricultural practices that are considered best practicable management practices for ground water quality protection.

(f) Identify research or information about ground water that needs to be conducted or made available.

(g) Cooperate with appropriate federal entities to identify the needs and interests of the State of Oregon so that federal plans and project schedules relating to the protection of the ground water resource incorporate the stateís intent to the fullest extent practicable.

(h) Aid in the development of voluntary programs to reduce the quantity of hazardous or toxic waste generated in order to reduce the risk of ground water contamination from hazardous or toxic waste.

(2) To aid and advise the department in the performance of its functions, the department may establish such advisory and technical committees as the department considers necessary. These committees may be continuing or temporary. The department shall determine the representation, membership, terms and organization of the committees and shall appoint their members. [Formerly 536.125]

Note: See note under 468B.150.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008