Oregon Statutes - Chapter 568 - Soil and Water Conservation; Water Quality Management - Section 568.870 - County court may authorize inspector to control erosion; expenses of control.

(1) If the owner or occupant of the land fails or refuses to control wind erosion in accordance with ORS 568.810 to 568.890, the wind erosion inspector shall at once notify the county court, and the county court shall authorize the wind erosion inspector or such assistants as the inspector may employ to go upon the land and control the wind erosion, using the most effective and practical methods which will operate with the least injury to the land or the crops thereon.

(2) Verbal authorization by telephone from one or more members of the county court is sufficient authority for commencing wind erosion control work when actual wind erosion is occurring and when an official four-hour notice, as provided in ORS 568.860 has been served on the owner or occupant of the land.

(3) Upon completion of the work the wind erosion inspector shall file with the county clerk an itemized statement of the expenses necessarily incurred in the control of the wind erosion, including the inspector’s own wage, if any, verified by the oath of the inspector. When the statement is filed, the county clerk shall cause the same to be entered upon a lien docket prepared for that purpose.

(4) If such charges and expenses are not paid to the county clerk and the lien discharged by the owner or occupant of the lands within 90 days from the date the lien is docketed, the county clerk shall certify the same to the tax collector of the county, who shall extend the amount thereof upon the current tax roll, and when so extended the same shall constitute a valid lien against the premises and shall be collected by the tax collector in the same manner as taxes are collected.

(5) If within 10 days from the date of filing and docketing the lien no objections have been filed thereto, the county court shall pay the amount thereof out of the general fund of the county to the claimants.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008