Oregon Statutes - Chapter 568 - Soil and Water Conservation; Water Quality Management - Section 568.850 - Wind erosion inspector; appointment; duties; appeal from decision; compensation; expenses.

(1) The county court, upon the recommendation of the advisory board, shall appoint an inspector who shall, within the wind erosion district or districts under the supervision of the inspector:

(a) Determine when serious wind erosion conditions prevail.

(b) Serve notices on landowners or occupants to effectively control wind erosion on their lands or correct conditions which may allow wind erosion to occur.

(c) When necessary, control or supervise control of wind erosion or conditions which may allow wind erosion to occur on lands where the owners or occupants thereof fail or refuse to do so.

(2) The inspector shall be the sole judge of whether serious wind erosion conditions do or do not prevail, except that appeal from the decisions of the inspector may be made to the advisory board as provided in ORS 568.840. In case of appeal to the advisory board, the inspector shall abide by a majority decision of the advisory board.

(3) The persons appointed wind erosion inspectors by the county court may receive for services reasonable wages, as determined by the county court, for the time actually employed in the performance of duty under the provisions of ORS 568.810 to 568.890 and may be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in carrying out those provisions. All wages and expenses paid wind erosion inspectors shall be paid by the county court from funds set aside for this purpose, as provided in ORS 568.880.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008