Oregon Statutes - Chapter 628 - Refrigerated Locker Plants - Section 628.300 - Maintaining uniform temperatures; records.

(1) The refrigeration system of a refrigerated locker plant shall be equipped with accurate controls for the maintenance of uniform temperatures as required in this section in the various refrigerated rooms of such plant and shall be of adequate capacity to provide under extreme conditions of outside temperatures and under peak load conditions in the normal operation of such plant, the following temperatures in the following rooms respectively:

(a) Chill room temperature shall be within four degrees Fahrenheit plus or minus of 36 degrees above zero Fahrenheit, with a tolerance of 10 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours after fresh food is put in such room for chilling.

(b) In all locker plants operating on July 5, 1947, the locker room temperature shall not exceed 12 degrees Fahrenheit plus. In all locker plants, the construction of which is begun after July 5, 1947, the locker room temperature shall not exceed five degrees Fahrenheit plus.

(2) The temperatures required by subsection (1) of this section shall not be construed as prohibiting variations therefrom due to defrosting, power failure or any emergency breakdown.

(3) An accurate direct reading thermometer shall be maintained in the chill room. An accurate self-registering or self-recording thermometer shall be maintained in each locker room or in each series of rooms through which the same air circulates. The discs or other temperature records made by such instruments shall be signed by the person in charge of the plant and shall be preserved at such plant for at least one year from the date of recording. Such temperature-recording equipment and the recordings thereby made, are subject to inspection and testing by the State Department of Agriculture to determine their accuracy.

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Last modified: August 7, 2008