Oregon Statutes - Chapter 65 - Nonprofit Corporations - Section 65.447 - Articles of amendment.

A corporation amending its articles shall deliver for filing to the Office of the Secretary of State articles of amendment setting forth:

(1) The name of the corporation.

(2) The text of each amendment adopted.

(3) The date of each amendmentís adoption.

(4) If approval of members was not required, a statement to that effect and a statement that the amendment was approved by a sufficient vote of the board of directors or incorporators.

(5) If approval by members entitled to vote on articles was required:

(a) The designation and number of members of, and number of votes entitled to be cast by, each class entitled to vote separately on the amendment; and

(b) The total number of votes cast for and against the amendment by each class entitled to vote separately on the amendment.

(6) If approval of the amendment by some person or persons other than the members entitled to vote on articles, the board or the incorporators is required pursuant to ORS 65.467, a statement that the approval was obtained. [1989 c.1010 §111]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008