Oregon Statutes - Chapter 65 - Nonprofit Corporations - Section 65.454 - Amendment pursuant to court order.

(1) A corporationís articles may be amended without board approval or approval by the members entitled to vote on articles, or approval required pursuant to ORS 65.467:

(a) To carry out a plan of reorganization ordered or decreed by a court of competent jurisdiction under federal statute; or

(b) In a proceeding brought by the Attorney General in the Circuit Court for Marion County to correct the statement in the articles of incorporation or the annual report with regard to whether the corporation is a public benefit or mutual benefit corporation or, subject to the provisions of ORS 65.042, a religious corporation.

(2) The articles after amendment shall contain only provisions required or permitted by ORS 65.047.

(3) The individual or individuals designated by the court in a reorganization proceeding, or the Attorney General in a proceeding brought by the Attorney General, shall deliver to the Office of the Secretary of State for filing articles of amendment setting forth:

(a) The name of the corporation;

(b) The text of each amendment approved by the court;

(c) The date of the courtís order or decree approving the articles of amendment;

(d) The title of the proceeding in which the order or decree was entered; and

(e) A statement whether the court had jurisdiction of the proceeding under federal statute or under subsection (1)(b) of this section.

(4) This section does not apply after entry of a final decree in the reorganization proceeding even though the court retains jurisdiction of the proceeding for limited purposes unrelated to consummation of the reorganization plan. [1989 c.1010 §113]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008