Oregon Statutes - Chapter 658 - Employment Agencies; Farm Labor Contractors; Farmworker Camps - Section 658.755 - Farmworker camp operator duties; prohibitions.

(1) Every farmworker camp operator shall:

(a) If a farm labor contractor, comply with the provisions of ORS 658.405 to 658.503.

(b) Comply with ORS chapter 654 and the administrative rules of the Department of Consumer and Business Services adopted pursuant to ORS chapter 654.

(c) Comply with all applicable building codes and health and safety laws.

(d) Comply with ORS 659A.250 to 659A.262.

(e) Pay or distribute promptly, when due, to individuals entitled thereto, all moneys or other things of value entrusted to the farmworker camp operator, or agents or employees of the operator, by any individual for that purpose.

(f) Comply with the terms and provisions of all legal and valid agreements or contracts entered into in the operatorís capacity as an operator of a farmworker camp.

(2) No farmworker camp operator shall:

(a) Operate a camp which is not registered with the department as required by ORS 658.750.

(b) Make any material misrepresentation, false statement or willful concealment in the application for an indorsement or registration.

(c) Willfully make or cause to be made to any person any false, fraudulent or misleading representation concerning the terms and conditions of occupancy in the farmworker camp.

(d) Knowingly publish or circulate any false or misleading information concerning the terms, conditions or existence of housing or employment at any place.

(e) Assist a person who is not entitled to operate a farmworker camp under ORS 658.705 to 658.850 to act in violation of ORS 658.705 to 658.850 or in violation of ORS 658.405 to 658.503 or ORS chapter 654.

(f) By force, intimidation or threat in any manner whatsoever, induce any occupant of the farmworker camp to give up any part of the compensation the occupant is entitled to by contract or by any state or federal wage payment law.

(g) By force, intimidation or threat in any manner whatsoever, restrain any person who wishes to leave the camp from doing so. [1989 c.962 §7; 1991 c.67 §169; 1995 c.500 §4]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008