Oregon Statutes - Chapter 659A - Unlawful Discrimination in Employment, Public Accommodations and Real Property Transactions; Administrative and Civil Enforcement - Section 659A.256 - Regulations by employers concerning use and occupancy of employee housing; requirements; notice.

Employers may adopt reasonable rules and regulations concerning the use and occupancy of such housing including hours of access which must be posted in a conspicuous place at least three days prior to enforcement. Such rules shall be enforceable as to employees, invited persons and those authorized persons who are not governmental officials or who are not visiting the camp for emergency purposes only if:

(1) Their purpose is to promote the safety or welfare of the employees and authorized persons allowed access;

(2) They preserve the employer’s property from abusive use;

(3) They are reasonably related to the purpose for which they are adopted;

(4) They apply to all employees on the premises in a fair manner; and

(5) They are sufficiently explicit in the prohibition, direction or limitation of the employee’s conduct to fairly inform the employees of what must be done to comply. [Formerly 659.290]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008