Oregon Statutes - Chapter 682 - Regulation of Ambulance Services and Emergency Medical Personnel - Section 682.039 - State Emergency Medical Service Committee; qualifications, terms, duties and compensation.

(1) The Department of Human Services shall appoint a State Emergency Medical Service Committee composed of 18 members as follows:

(a) Seven physicians licensed under ORS chapter 677 whose practice consists of routinely treating emergencies such as cardiovascular illness or trauma, appointed from a list submitted by the Oregon Medical Board.

(b) Four emergency medical technicians whose practices consist of routinely treating emergencies, including but not limited to cardiovascular illness or trauma, at least one of whom is at the lowest level of emergency medical technician certification established by the department at the time of appointment. EMTs appointed pursuant to this paragraph shall be selected from lists submitted by each area trauma advisory board. The lists shall include nominations from entities including but not limited to organizations that represent emergency care providers in Oregon.

(c) One volunteer ambulance operator, one person representing governmental agencies that provide ambulance services and one person representing a private ambulance company.

(d) One hospital administrator.

(e) One nurse who has served at least two years in the capacity of an emergency department nurse.

(f) One representative of an emergency dispatch center.

(g) One community college or licensed career school representative.

(2) The committee shall include at least one resident but no more than three residents from each region served by one area trauma advisory board at the time of appointment.

(3) Appointments shall be made for a term of four years in a manner to preserve insofar as possible the representation of the organization described in subsection (1) of this section. Vacancies shall be filled for any unexpired term as soon as the department can make such appointments. The committee shall choose its own chairperson and shall meet at the call of the chairperson or the department administrator.

(4) The State Emergency Medical Service Committee shall:

(a) Advise the department concerning the adoption, amendment and repeal of rules authorized by this chapter;

(b) Assist the Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Program in providing state and regional emergency medical services coordination and planning;

(c) Assist communities in identifying emergency medical service system needs and quality improvement initiatives;

(d) Assist the Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems Program in prioritizing, implementing and evaluating emergency medical service system quality improvement initiatives identified by communities;

(e) Review and prioritize rural community emergency medical service funding requests and provide input to the Rural Health Coordinating Council; and

(f) Review and prioritize funding requests for rural community emergency medical service training and provide input to the Area Health Education Center program.

(5) The chairperson of the committee shall appoint a subcommittee on EMT certification and discipline, consisting of five physicians and four EMTs. The subcommittee shall advise the department and the board on the adoption, amendment, repeal and application of rules concerning ORS 682.204 to 682.220 and 682.245. The decisions of this subcommittee shall not be subject to the review of the full State Emergency Medical Service Committee.

(6) Members are entitled to compensation as provided in ORS 292.495. [Formerly 682.195]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008