Oregon Statutes - Chapter 682 - Regulation of Ambulance Services and Emergency Medical Personnel - Section 682.075 - State Emergency Medical Service Committee and department to adopt rules regarding ambulance construction, maintenance and operation; compliance with rules required to obtain license.

(1) Subject to any law or rule pursuant thereto relating to the construction or equipment of ambulances, the Department of Human Services shall, with the advice of the State Emergency Medical Service Committee appointed under ORS 682.039 and in accordance with ORS chapter 183, adopt and when necessary amend or repeal rules relating to the construction, maintenance, capacity, sanitation, emergency medical supplies and equipment of ambulances.

(2) In order for an owner to secure and retain a license for an ambulance under this chapter, it shall meet the requirements imposed by rules of the department. The requirements may relate to construction, maintenance, capacity, sanitation and emergency medical supplies and equipment on ambulances. Such requirements shall include, but are not limited to, requirements relating to space in patient compartments, access to patient compartments, storage facilities, operating condition, cots, mattresses, stretchers, cot and stretcher fasteners, bedding, oxygen and resuscitation equipment, splints, tape, bandages, tourniquets, patient convenience accessories, cleanliness of vehicle and laundering of bedding. [Formerly 823.080]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008