Oregon Statutes - Chapter 682 - Regulation of Ambulance Services and Emergency Medical Personnel - Section 682.208 - Certificates to be obtained from department; form and contents.

(1) For any person to be certified as an emergency medical technician or first responder, an application for certification shall be made to the Department of Human Services. The application shall be upon forms prescribed by the department and shall contain:

(a) The name and address of the applicant.

(b) The name and location of the training course successfully completed by the applicant and the date of completion.

(c) Certification that to the best of the applicant’s knowledge the applicant is physically and mentally qualified to act as an emergency medical technician or first responder, is free from addiction to controlled substances or alcoholic beverages, or if not so free, has been and is currently rehabilitated and is free from epilepsy or diabetes, or if not so free, has been free from any lapses of consciousness or control occasioned thereby for a period of time as prescribed by rule of the department.

(d) Such other information as the department may reasonably require to determine compliance with applicable provisions of this chapter and the rules adopted thereunder.

(2) The application shall be accompanied by proof as prescribed by rule of the department of the applicant’s successful completion of a training course approved by the department, and if an extended period of time has elapsed since the completion of the course, of a satisfactory amount of continuing education.

(3) The department shall adopt a schedule of minimum educational requirements in emergency and nonemergency care for emergency medical technicians and first responders. The department, with the advice of the State Emergency Medical Service Committee, may establish levels of emergency medical technician certification as may be necessary to serve the public interest. A course approved by the department shall be designed to protect the welfare of out-of-hospital patients, to promote the health, well-being and saving of the lives of such patients and to reduce their pain and suffering. [Formerly 682.145]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008