Oregon Statutes - Chapter 687 - Massage Therapists; Direct Entry Midwives - Section 687.250 - Enforcement; civil penalty.

(1) The State Board of Massage Therapists shall report to the proper district attorney all cases that in the judgment of the board warrant criminal prosecution under ORS 687.991.

(2) The board may, in its own name, assess a civil penalty against any licensed or unlicensed person violating a provision of ORS 687.011 to 687.250, 687.895 and 687.991. The board may assess the civil penalty instead of or in addition to disciplinary action under ORS 687.081, an injunction issued under ORS 687.021 or criminal prosecution by the district attorney under this section. The amount of the civil penalty may not exceed $1,000 for any single violation. Except as the board may otherwise provide under ORS 182.462 (5), moneys collected through the assessment of civil penalties by the board under this subsection or ORS 687.081 shall be deposited into the account created by the board pursuant to ORS 182.470 and are continuously appropriated to the board for carrying out the provisions of ORS 687.011 to 687.250, 687.895 and 687.991. [Formerly 687.890]



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Last modified: August 7, 2008