Oregon Statutes - Chapter 688 - Therapeutic and Technical Services: Physical Therapists; Radiologic Technologists and Radiation Therapists; Hemodialysis Technicians; Athletic Trainers; Respiratory Therapists - Section 688.650 - Qualifications for certification; temporary or provisional certificates; continuing education; certificate expiration; rules.

(1) When application has been made as required under ORS 688.640, the Department of Human Services shall certify the applicant as a hemodialysis technician if it finds:

(a) The applicant has successfully completed the training requirement adopted by the department.

(b) A fee has been paid to the department pursuant to ORS 688.645.

(c) The applicant has successfully completed an examination administered by the department or administered by another public or private entity and approved by the department.

(d) The applicant meets any other requirements prescribed by rule of the department.

(2) The department may provide for the issuance of a temporary or provisional certification for a person to practice as a hemodialysis technician until the person has taken and passed the next held certification examination available to the person and has received a certificate. The department may impose any conditions or limitations on a temporary or provisional certificate that the department considers reasonable and necessary to protect the public. A temporary or provisional certificate may be held only by a person who:

(a) Has not received a failing grade on a certification examination approved or administered by the department; and

(b)(A) Has successfully completed the initial training required by department rule; or

(B) Is currently working in this or another state as a hemodialysis technician and is enrolled in a program offering the initial training required by department rule.

(3) Each person holding a certificate under this section shall submit, at the time of application for renewal of the certificate to the department, evidence of the applicant’s satisfactory completion of any continuing education requirements prescribed by rule by the department.

(4) The department shall prescribe criteria and approve programs of continuing education.

(5) Each certification issued under this section, unless sooner suspended or revoked, shall expire and be renewable after a period of two years. Each certificate must be renewed on or before June 30 of every second year or on or before such date as may be specified by department rule. The department by rule shall establish a schedule of certificate renewals under this subsection and shall prorate the fees to reflect any shorter certificate period. [1997 c.580 §6; 2007 c.768 §50]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008