Oregon Statutes - Chapter 694 - Hearing Aid Specialists - Section 694.036 - Statement to prospective hearing aid purchaser; contents; copy retained.

(1) Prior to consummation of the sale of a hearing aid, a person dealing in hearing aids shall deliver to the prospective purchaser a written statement, signed by the person dealing in hearing aids. The statement shall be on a form prescribed by the Oregon Health Licensing Agency that shall include but not be limited to all of the following:

(a) The name and address of the prospective purchaser.

(b) The date of the sale.

(c) Specifications as to the make, serial number and model number of the hearing aid or aids sold.

(d) The address or principal place of business of the person dealing in hearing aids.

(e) A statement to the effect that the aid or aids delivered to the purchaser are used or reconditioned, as the case may be, if that is the fact.

(f) The number of the license of the person dealing in hearing aids.

(g) The terms of any guarantee or expressed warranty, if any, made to the purchaser with respect to such hearing aid or hearing aids, including that provided in ORS 646A.460 to 646A.476 and 694.042.

(h) The address of the agency and the procedure for making a complaint under ORS 694.015 to 694.185.

(i) In no smaller type than the largest used in the body copy portion, the following bordered statement:


It is desirable that a person seeking help with a hearing problem (especially for the first time) consult an ear doctor and obtain a clinical hearing evaluation. Although hearing aids are often recommended for hearing problems, another form of treatment may be necessary.


(j) The signature of the prospective purchaser indicating that the prospective purchaser has read and understands the information contained in the statement.

(2) A duplicate copy of the statement required under subsection (1) of this section shall be kept for one year by the person selling the hearing aid. The statement shall be made available to the agency upon request. [1975 c.673 §2 (enacted in lieu of 694.035); 1985 c.227 §5; 1999 c.81 §2; 1999 c.885 §44; 2005 c.648 §90]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008