Oregon Statutes - Chapter 694 - Hearing Aid Specialists - Section 694.042 - Right to rescind hearing aid purchase; grounds; notice of rescission; time limit; refund.

(1) In addition to any other rights and remedies the purchaser may have, including rights under ORS 646A.460 to 646A.476, the purchaser of a hearing aid shall have the right to rescind the transaction if:

(a) The purchaser for whatever reason consults a licensed medical physician specializing in diseases of the ear, or an audiologist not licensed under this chapter and not affiliated with anyone licensed under this chapter and licensed medical physician, subsequent to purchasing the hearing aid, and the licensed physician advises such purchaser against purchasing or using a hearing aid and in writing specifies the medical reason for the advice;

(b) The seller, in dealings with the purchaser, failed to adhere to the practice standards listed in ORS 694.142, or failed to provide the statement required by ORS 694.036;

(c) The fitting of the hearing instrument failed to meet current industry standards; or

(d) The licensee fails to meet any standard of conduct prescribed in the law or rules regulating fitting and dispensing of hearing aids and this failure affects in any way the transaction which the purchaser seeks to rescind.

(2) The purchaser of a hearing aid shall have the right to rescind the transaction, for other than the seller’s breach, as provided in subsection (1)(a), (b), (c) or (d) of this section only if the purchaser returns the product and it is in good condition less normal wear and tear and gives written notice of the intent to rescind the transaction by either:

(a) Returning the product with a written notice of the intent to rescind sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the licensee’s regular place of business; or

(b) Returning the product with a written notice of the intent to rescind to an authorized representative of the company from which it was purchased.

(3) The notice described in subsection (2) of this section shall state that the transaction is canceled pursuant to this section. The notice of intent to rescind must be postmarked:

(a) Within 30 days from the date of the original delivery; or

(b) Within specified time periods if the 30-day period has been extended in writing by both parties. The consumer’s rescission rights can only be extended through a written agreement by both parties.

(4) If the conditions of subsection (1)(a), (b), (c) or (d) of this section and subsection (2)(a) or (b) of this section have been met, the seller, without further request and within 10 days after the cancellation, shall issue a refund to the purchaser. However, the hearing aid specialist may retain a portion of the purchase price as specified by rule by the Oregon Health Licensing Agency when the purchaser rescinds the sale during the 30-day rescission period. At the same time, the seller shall return all goods traded in to the seller on account of or in contemplation of the sale. The purchaser shall incur no additional liability for the cancellation. [1975 c.673 §6; 1985 c.227 §6; 1993 c.133 §2; 1999 c.81 §3; 2003 c.547 §77; 2005 c.648 §91]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008