Oregon Statutes - Chapter 733 - Accounting and Investments - Section 733.600 - Investment in mortgage loans.

(1) Funds of an insurer may be invested in:

(a) Loans secured by first liens upon improved, unencumbered real property (other than leaseholds) in the manner and subject to the same terms and conditions set forth in ORS 733.580 (1)(b), except that the property may be located within the boundaries of any sovereign; for loans described in ORS 733.580 (1)(b)(B), the maximum permitted ratio of the loan to the appraised value shall be 80 rather than 66-2/3 percent, and the maximum term of the loan shall be 30 rather than 25 years.

(b) Loans secured by first liens upon a leasehold of improved, unencumbered real property located within the boundaries of any sovereign if:

(A) The leasehold has a period of not less than 20 years to run from the date of the loan, inclusive of the term which may be provided by an enforceable option of renewal, the loan does not exceed 70 percent of the fair market value of the leasehold together with any improvements located thereon which are subject to the lien, the terms of the loan provide for amortization payments to be made by the borrower on the principal thereof at least once in each year in amounts sufficient to completely amortize the loan within a period of four-fifths of the term of the leasehold, and the insurer is entitled to be subrogated to all rights of the lessee under the leasehold; or

(B) The investment is insured or guaranteed in the manner provided in ORS 733.580 (1)(b)(C).

(2) A loan upon the security of real property or a leasehold interest therein which is a participation in or a part of a series or issue shall not be made unless the insurer holds a senior participation or similar security interest in the mortgage or deed of trust giving it substantially the rights of a first mortgagee.

(3) Nothing in ORS 733.510 to 733.780 shall prohibit an insurer from renewing or extending a proper loan secured by a first lien upon real property or a leasehold interest therein made pursuant to this section or to ORS 733.580 for the original or a lesser amount even though such amount is a greater percentage of the current fair market value of the real property or leasehold than would otherwise be permitted under such sections. [Formerly 738.255; 1995 c.79 §360]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008