Oregon Statutes - Chapter 734 - Rehabilitation, Liquidation and Conservation of Insurers - Section 734.630 - Assignment of claim rights; filing statements of paid claims; effect of claim settlements.

(1) Any person who recovers on a covered claim under ORS 734.510 to 734.710 thereby assigns the rights of the person under the insurance policy to the Oregon Insurance Guaranty Association to the extent of such recovery. Every person who seeks the protection of ORS 734.510 to 734.710 shall cooperate with the association to the same extent such person would have been required to cooperate with the insolvent insurer. The association shall have no cause of action against the insureds of an insolvent insurer for any sums paid, except for those causes of action the insolvent insurer would have had if such sums had been paid by the insolvent insurer. If an insolvent insurer operates on the assessment plan, the payment of claims by the association does not reduce the liability of the insured to the receiver for unpaid assessments.

(2) Periodically the association shall file with the receiver statements of the covered claims paid by the association and estimates of anticipated claims against the association. Such filings shall preserve the rights of the association against the assets of the insolvent insurer.

(3) The receiver shall be bound by settlements of covered claims by the association or a similar organization in another state. The court having jurisdiction shall grant such claims priority in accordance with ORS 734.360. [1971 c.616 §14; 2001 c.974 §4]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008