Oregon Statutes - Chapter 824 - Railroads - Section 824.022 - Applicability of ORS 824.020 to 824.042, 824.050 to 824.110 and 824.200 to 824.256.

(1) ORS 824.020 to 824.042, 824.050 to 824.110 and 824.200 to 824.256 apply to:

(a) The transportation of passengers and property.

(b) The receiving, delivering, switching, storing, elevation and transfer in transit, ventilation, refrigeration or icing, and handling of such property, and all charges connected therewith.

(c) All railroad, terminal, car, tank line, freight and freight line companies.

(d) All associations of persons, whether incorporated or otherwise, that do business as common or for hire carriers upon or over any line of railroad within this state.

(e) Any common or for hire carrier engaged in the transportation of passengers or property wholly by rail or partly by rail and partly by water.

(2) ORS 824.020 to 824.042 do not apply to logging or other private railroads not doing business as common carriers.

(3) ORS 824.020 to 824.042 and 824.050 to 824.110 do not apply to corporations, companies, individuals, associations of individuals and their lessees, trustees or receivers that:

(a) Are primarily involved in a business enterprise other than rail transportation;

(b) Conduct rail operations 50 percent or more of which are for the purpose of providing transportation to the primary business enterprise;

(c) Operate on less than 10 miles of track; and

(d) Provide for hire rail transportation service to no more than five persons. [Formerly 760.010]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008