Oregon Statutes - Chapter 92 - Subdivisions and Partitions - Section 92.046 - Adoption of regulations governing approval of partitioning of land; delegation; fees.

(1) The governing body of a county or a city may, as provided in ORS 92.048, when reasonably necessary to accomplish the orderly development of the land within the jurisdiction of such county or city under ORS 92.042 and to promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the county or city, adopt regulations or ordinances governing approval, by the county or city of proposed partitions. Such regulations or ordinances shall be applicable throughout the area over which the county or city has jurisdiction under ORS 92.042, or over any portion thereof. Such ordinances or regulations may specify the classifications of such partitions which require approval under this section and may establish standards and procedures governing the approval of tentative plans for such partitions. The standards may include all, or less than all, of the same requirements as are provided or authorized for subdivisions under ORS 92.010 to 92.190 and may provide for different standards and procedures for different classifications of such partitions so long as the standards are no more stringent than are imposed by the city or county in connection with subdivisions.

(2) Such ordinances or regulations may establish the form and contents of the tentative plans of partitions submitted for approval.

(3)(a) The governing body of a city or county may provide for the delegation of any of its lawful functions with respect to partitions to the planning commission of the city or county or to an official of the city or county appointed by the governing body for such purpose.

(b) If an ordinance or regulation adopted under this section includes the delegation to a planning commission or appointed official of the power to take final action approving or disapproving a tentative plan for a partition, such ordinance or regulation may also provide for appeal to the governing body from such approval or disapproval and require initiation of any such appeal within 10 days after the date of the approval or disapproval from which the appeal is taken.

(c) The governing body may establish, by ordinance or regulation, a fee to be charged for an appeal under ORS chapter 197, 215 or 227, except for an appeal under ORS 197.805 to 197.855.

(4) The governing body may, by ordinance or regulation, prescribe fees sufficient to defray the costs incurred in the review and investigation of and action upon applications for approval of proposed partitions.

(5) No tentative plan of a proposed partition may be approved unless the tentative plan complies with the applicable zoning ordinances and regulations and the ordinances or regulations adopted under this section that are then in effect for the city or county within which the land described in the tentative plan is situated.

(6) Any ordinance or regulation adopted under this section shall comply with the comprehensive plan for the city or county adopting the ordinance or regulation. [1955 c.756 §22; 1973 c.696 §10; 1983 c.827 §19f; 1989 c.772 §7; 1993 c.792 §47; 1999 c.348 §13]

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Last modified: August 7, 2008