15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 2567 - Redemption

§ 2567. Redemption.

Unless prohibited by the terms of the articles of a registered corporation in effect before a control-share acquisition has occurred, the corporation may redeem all control shares from the acquiring person at the average of the high and low sales price of shares of the same class and series as such prices are specified on a national securities exchange, national quotation system or similar quotation listing service on the date the corporation provides notice to the acquiring person of the call for redemption:

(1) at any time within 24 months after the date on which the acquiring person consummates a control-share acquisition, if the acquiring person does not, within 30 days after consummation of the control-share acquisition, properly request that the issue of voting rights to be accorded control shares be presented to the shareholders under section 2565(a) or (b) (relating to procedure for establishing voting rights of control shares); and

(2) at any time within 24 months after the issue of voting rights to be accorded such shares is submitted to the shareholders pursuant to section 2565(a) or (b); and

(i) such voting rights are not accorded pursuant to section 2564(a) (relating to voting rights of shares acquired in control-share acquisition); or

(ii) such voting rights are accorded and subsequently lapse pursuant to section 2564(b) (relating to lapse of voting rights).

(Dec. 19, 1990, P.L.834, No.198, eff. imd.)

1990 Amendment. Act 198 amended and renumbered section 2566 to section 2567 and renumbered former section 2567 to section 2568.

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