15 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 2575 - Ownership By Corporation Of Profits Resulting From Certain Transactions

§ 2575. Ownership by corporation of profits resulting from certain transactions.

Any profit realized by any person or group who is or was a controlling person or group with respect to a registered corporation from the disposition of any equity security of the corporation to any person (including under Subchapter E (relating to control transactions) or otherwise), including, without limitation, to the corporation (including under Subchapter G (relating to control-share acquisitions) or otherwise) or to another member of the controlling person or group, shall belong to and be recoverable by the corporation where the profit is realized by such person or group:

(1) from the disposition of the equity security within 18 months after the person or group obtained the status of a controlling person or group; and

(2) the equity security had been acquired by the controlling person or group within 24 months prior to or 18 months subsequent to the obtaining by the person or group of the status of a controlling person or group.

Any transfer by a controlling person or group of the ownership of any equity security may be suspended on the books of the corporation, and certificates representing such securities may be duly legended, to enforce the rights of the corporation under this subchapter.

(Dec. 19, 1990, P.L.834, No.198, eff. imd.)

1990 Amendment. Act 198 renumbered section 2574 to section 2575 and renumbered former section 2575 to section 2576.

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