42 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes Chapter 63 - Juvenile Matters

Subchapter A.  General Provisions

Subchapter B.  Jurisdiction and Custody

Subchapter C.  Procedures and Safeguards

Subchapter D.  Disposition of Children Generally

Subchapter E.  Dispositions Affecting Other Jurisdictions

Subchapter F.  Juvenile Court Judges' Commission

  • Section 6371 - Definitions
    The following words and phrases when used in this subchapter shall have the meanings given to them in this section unless the context clearly...
  • Section 6372 - Juvenile Court Judges' Commission
    (a) Establishment.--There is hereby established in the Office of General Counsel the Juvenile Court Judges' Commission. (b) Composition.--The commission shall consist of nine judges...
  • Section 6373 - Powers And Duties
    The commission shall have the power and is required to do the following: (1) Advise the juvenile court judges of this Commonwealth in all...
  • Section 6374 - Power To Make Grants
    The commission shall have the power, and its duty shall be to make annual grants to political subdivisions for the development and improvement of...
  • Section 6375 - Funding
    The General Assembly shall annually appropriate such sums as it deems to be necessary for the operation and expenses of the commission.

Last modified: October 8, 2016