57 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 329.1 - Fees Of Notaries Public

§ 329.1. Fees of notaries public.

(a) Department.--The fees of notaries public shall be fixed by the department by regulation.

(b) Prohibition.--A notary public may not charge or receive a notary public fee in excess of the fee fixed by the department.

(c) Operation.--

(1) The fees of the notary public shall be separately stated.

(2) A notary public may waive the right to charge a fee.

(3) Unless paragraph (2) applies, a notary public shall:

(i) display fees in a conspicuous location in the place of business of the notary public; or

(ii) provide fees, upon request, to a person utilizing the services of the notary public.

(d) Presumption.--The fee for a notary public:

(1) shall be the property of the notary public; and

(2) unless mutually agreed by the notary public and the employer, shall not belong to or be received by the entity that employs the notary public.

Effective Date. Section 5(1)(ii) of Act 73 of 2013 provided that subsec. (a) shall take effect immediately.

Cross References. Section 329.1 is referred to in section 327 of this title.

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Last modified: October 8, 2016