66 Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes § 3011 - Declaration Of Policy

§ 3011. Declaration of policy.

The General Assembly finds and declares that it is the policy of this Commonwealth to:

(1) Strike a balance between mandated deployment and market-driven deployment of broadband facilities and advanced services throughout this Commonwealth and to continue alternative regulation of local exchange telecommunications companies.

(2) Maintain universal telecommunications service at affordable rates while encouraging the accelerated provision of advanced services and deployment of a universally available, state-of-the-art, interactive broadband telecommunications network in rural, suburban and urban areas, including deployment of broadband facilities in or adjacent to public rights-of-way abutting public schools, including the administrative offices supporting public schools, industrial parks and health care facilities.

(3) Ensure that customers pay only reasonable charges for protected services which shall be available on a nondiscriminatory basis.

(4) Ensure that rates for protected services do not subsidize the competitive ventures of telecommunications carriers.

(5) Provide diversity in the supply of existing and future telecommunications services and products in telecommunications markets throughout this Commonwealth by ensuring that rates, terms and conditions for protected services are reasonable and do not impede the development of competition.

(6) Ensure the efficient delivery of technological advances and new services throughout this Commonwealth in order to improve the quality of life for all Commonwealth residents.

(7) Encourage the provision of telecommunications products and services that enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities.

(8) Promote and encourage the provision of competitive services by a variety of service providers on equal terms throughout all geographic areas of this Commonwealth without jeopardizing the provision of universal telecommunications service at affordable rates.

(9) Encourage the competitive supply of any service in any region where there is market demand.

(10) Encourage joint ventures between local exchange telecommunications companies and other entities where such joint ventures accelerate, improve or otherwise assist a local exchange telecommunications company in implementing its network modernization plan.

(11) Establish a bona fide retail request program to aggregate and make advanced services available in areas where sufficient market demand exists and to supplement existing network modernization plans.

(12) Promote and encourage the provision of advanced services and broadband deployment in the service territories of local exchange telecommunications companies without jeopardizing the provision of universal service.

(13) Recognize that the regulatory obligations imposed upon the incumbent local exchange telecommunications companies should be reduced to levels more consistent with those imposed upon competing alternative service providers.

(Nov. 30, 2004, P.L.1398, No.183, eff. imd.)

2004 Amendment. Act 183 added section 3011.

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