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                                                - 3 -                                                   
            Petitioner resided at the Federal Correctional Institute in                                 
            Danbury, Connecticut, at the time that his petition was filed.                              
                  Petitioner graduated from the Wharton Business School at the                          
            University of Pennsylvania in 1957 and from Harvard Law School in                           
            1960.  Between 1960 and 1964, petitioner was employed by the                                
            office of Tax Legislative Counsel, U.S. Department of the                                   
            Treasury; served with Army Intelligence; and was employed by the                            
            accounting firm of Touche, Ross & Co.  In 1964, petitioner                                  
            commenced the private practice of law in a partnership that later                           
            became a professional corporation (Bergman & Barth).  Bergman &                             
            Barth specialized in tax matters, estate planning, pensions, and                            
            corporate planning.  Petitioner was the managing partner and                                
            prepared the tax returns for Bergman & Barth.  (He was admitted                             
            to the U.S. Tax Court bar May 5, 1970.)                                                     
                  An agreement dated July 29, 1976, under which Bergman &                               
            Barth bought petitioner's shares in that firm included the                                  
            following terms:                                                                            

                        2.  Buyer agrees to pay Barth [petitioner] for                                  
                  said shares of capital stock the principal sum of One                                 
                  Hundred Thousand ($100,000.00) Dollars in manner and                                  
                  form as follows:                                                                      
                              a.  One Hundred Thousand ($100,000.00)                                    
                  Dollars thereof at the Closing hereinafter described in                               
                  manner and form as set forth in Schedule A attached.                                  
                        3.  Buyer agrees to pay Barth deferred                                          
                  compensation in the amount of Two Hundred Fifty-one                                   
                  Thousand One Hundred Twenty Dollars and Forty-nine                                    
                  Cents ($251,120.49) and Barth agrees that he will                                     
                  report said sum as earned income when paid on his                                     

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