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            psychological health required that she seek immediate resolution                            
            of the innocent spouse and duress issues that she had raised.                               
                  When the cases were called for trial on June 6, 1994,                                 
            respondent filed a Motion for Sanctions against petitioner,                                 
            reporting on petitioner's failure to comply with the outstanding                            
            Court orders.  Ms. Barth's Motion for Severance was denied, and                             
            the cases were set for trial June 13, 1994.                                                 
                  On June 13, 1994, the First Stipulation of Facts was filed.                           
            Trial commenced with respect to the issues raised by Ms. Barth.                             
            Witnesses who testified on June 13 and 14, 1994, included                                   
            petitioner, Lipton, and Timbie.  On June 14, 1994, petitioner was                           
            directed to answer the interrogatories by September 12, 1994.                               
            The Court advised the parties that the trial would be resumed in                            
            the spring of 1995, probably in New York City, which petitioner                             
            had identified as his then current center of activity.  The                                 
            parties were directed to file a joint written status report on or                           
            before October 11, 1994, and petitioner's Motion for Continuance                            
            was granted with respect to further trial at a time and date to                             
            be set after the filing of the joint written status report.                                 
                  On October 14, 1994, a status report was filed by Ms. Barth                           
            and respondent.  Respondent reported that petitioner had                                    
            responded to the interrogatories but that a further conference                              
            was necessary to draft a second stipulation of facts and to                                 
            develop further the cases for trial.                                                        

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