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          Petitioner stated that when he went to Maryland to liquidate the            
          Stables, he was unable to do so since the trainers had been                 
          instructed by Singer not to do business with him now that Singer            
          was in control of the Stables.                                              
               The next day when petitioner returned to New York,                     
          petitioner found that Singer had changed the locks on their                 
          house.  The following day, Singer moved everything out of the               
          house, and petitioner did not know where she went.  By the time             
          petitioner located Singer, she had sold some of the horses.                 
          Petitioner sued to recover the Stables, but the court dismissed             
          his action in 1968 or later.  Petitioner divorced his wife at               
          about that same time.                                                       
          Petitioner's Criminal Indictments, Fugitive Status, and Pleas               
               On January 29, 1968, petitioner was arrested on a charge of            
          grand larceny for stealing cars from the dealership.  The Grand             
          Jury of Kings County, New York, indicted petitioner and                     
          Weisberger on 13 counts of grand larceny first degree for the               
          theft of the proceeds from the unauthorized sales of 13 of the              
          dealership's new cars during 1967.  On November 4, 1970,                    
          petitioner pleaded guilty to attempted grand larceny second                 
          degree.  Petitioner failed to appear for sentencing on January              
          28, 1971, and a bench warrant was issued for his arrest.                    
          Petitioner was a fugitive from justice from 1971 until early                
          1987.  Petitioner claimed he left town when another dealership              

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