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          salesman told him that Caplan's alleged underworld friends were             
          going to harm petitioner.                                                   
               On March 22, 1973, petitioner was indicted on two counts of            
          income tax evasion for the taxable years 1966 and 1967 and on one           
          count of willfully making and subscribing to a false income tax             
          return for the taxable year 1966.  An arrest warrant was issued.            
          After being a fugitive from justice for some 16 years, petitioner           
          surfaced in early 1987.  On July 31, 1987, petitioner pleaded               
          guilty to one count of income tax evasion pursuant to section               
          7201 for the taxable year 1967.  The count to which he pleaded              
          guilty was that he had received taxable income of $92,168.61 in             
          1967 as to which he willfully and knowingly attempted to evade              
          Petitioner's Federal Income Tax Returns                                     
               Petitioner filed a joint Federal individual income tax                 
          return with Singer for the taxable year 1966.  He reported his              
          dealership wages of $15,886.10 and no other income.  The                    
          signatures of both petitioner and Singer are dated April 17,                
          1967, but the envelope in which the return was mailed was                   
          postmarked May 18, 1967.  No extension of time for filing was               
          requested.  Petitioner did not file a Federal individual income             
          tax return for the taxable year 1967.                                       
               Respondent used the specific-items method to determine                 
          petitioner's unreported income from the car sales.  Special Agent           
          Nahmias of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal              

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