Carl Dimichele and Eileen Dimichele - Page 23

             heirlooms."  At trial, petitioner testified about the                    
             jewelry contained in safe deposit box No. 301640 as                      

                  Q         Now, let's talk for a minute about                        
                       the jewelry.                                                   
                            The jewelry that was in the safety                        
                       deposit box were pieces of jewelry that                        
                       you did not wear on a regular basis?                           
                  A         That's correct.                                           
                  Q         Okay.  Describe for His Honor how                         
                       you came into possession of those                              
                       pieces of jewelry.  Were they gifts?                           

                  A         Yes, a lot of these things were                           
                       sentimental things; they were heirlooms                        
                       that were passed down from my grand-                           
                       mother, who I had taken care of over                           
                       the years.  She had heart pins and her                         
                       necklace and her jewelry that I was                            
                       given to -- given to me.  And my mother                        
                       had passed away.  I had my mother's                            
                       jewelry also in there.                                         

             Based upon that testimony, petitioner asks the Court to                  
             find the following as facts:                                             

                  38. Petitioner did use the safe deposit box                         
                  which contained her jewelry.                                        
                  39.  Petitioner came into these pieces of jewelry                   
                  through gifts and inherited as family heirlooms                     
                  from her mother and grandmother.                                    

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