Carl Dimichele and Eileen Dimichele - Page 13

                sentenced to serve 10 years in jail and to pay a fine in                                   
                the amount of $25,000.  As to count 8, he was sentenced to                                 
                serve 2 years in jail, to run concurrently with the                                        
                sentence imposed on count 1.                                                               
                      At approximately the same time that Mr. DiMichele was                                
                sentenced, December 22, 1988, the District Court entered                                   
                an Order of Forfeiture under which it ordered Mr. DiMichele                                
                to forfeit all of the property listed in the indictment.                                   
                Thereafter, on February 17, 1989, petitioner filed                                         
                Forfeiture Claim Of Eileen DiMichele in which she claimed                                  
                ownership of the Lincoln Continental automobile, bank                                      
                accounts, real estate, and jewelry.  The court entered its                                 
                Final Order of Forfeiture on January 24, 1990.  Set out                                    
                below is a summary of the assets listed by the District                                    
                Court in its original order of forfeiture dated                                            
                December 19, 1988, the assets claimed by petitioner in her                                 
                Forfeiture Claim of Eileen DiMichele filed February 17,                                    
                1989, the assets listed in the Final Order Of Forfeiture                                   
                filed on January 24, 1990, and the assets that were not                                    
                                                                   Claimed by                              
                Cash and Jewelry                  Date     Assets    Petitioner   ForfeitedNot Forfeited    
                Cash found at 2010 South 15th St.05/07/87     $194,972.00        $194,972.00               
                Casino chips found at 2010 South 15th St.05/07/87   8,277.50               8,277.50                
                Cash found in safe deposit box 40290105/08/87 225,000.00              225,000.00               
                Ten gold Canadian coins in box 40290105/08/87                                                  
                Jewelry found in home and safe deposit box05/08/87 111,167.50  $92,237.30  71,046.80$40,120.70      

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