Carl Dimichele and Eileen Dimichele - Page 6

                On one occasion in 1985 when Mr. DiMichele was not at home,                                
                Mr. Madgin gave petitioner a brown shopping bag containing                                 
                $50,000 to $100,000 worth of cash to give to her husband.                                  
                Mr. Madgin did not see petitioner open the bag.  On another                                
                occasion in 1985, Mr. DiMichele, Mr. Madgin, and another                                   
                individual counted money and discussed drug transactions in                                
                front of petitioner in the kitchen of petitioners' home.                                   
                      On May 7, 1987, pursuant to a search warrant, Drug                                   
                Enforcement Agency (DEA) agents and City of Philadelphia                                   
                police officers conducted a search of petitioners' house.                                  
                During the course of their search, the DEA agents and                                      
                Philadelphia police officers found cash in the aggregate                                   
                amount of $194,972.  They also found jewelry worth $10,166,                                
                gambling chips worth $8,277.50, five firearms, fur coats,                                  
                and assorted financial records.                                                            
                        On the following day, the DEA agents obtained search                               
                warrants to search two safe deposit boxes owned jointly by                                 
                petitioner and Mr. DiMichele.  The safe deposit boxes were                                 
                located near the DiMicheles' home at First Pennsylvania                                    
                Bank, 1444 W. Passyunk Avenue, in Philadelphia.  In one                                    
                safe deposit box, No. 402901, the DEA agents found cash in                                 
                the amount of $225,000 and 10 gold coins, marked "Canada                                   
                999", each weighing 1 ounce.  In the other safe deposit                                    
                box, No. 301640, the agents found cash in the amount of                                    
                $3,015 and jewelry worth $181,938.                                                         

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Last modified: May 25, 2011