Carl Dimichele and Eileen Dimichele - Page 10

                Passyunk Avenue for $120,000.  Part of the purchase price                                  
                consisted of a cashier's check for $50,500 drawn from                                      
                petitioners' United Jersey Bank account.  Petitioners held                                 
                their interest in the property as tenants by the entirety.                                 
                In 1990, petitioner's interest in the property was                                         
                forfeited to the U.S. Government in connection with                                        
                Mr. DiMichele's conviction on drug charges, as discussed                                   
                      On October 19, 1984, Mr. DiMichele and Mr. Dennis G.                                 
                Maryak purchased properties at 506, 508, and 510 Fitzwater                                 
                Street for $30,000.  They sold these properties at the end                                 
                of 1986 for $200,000.                                                                      
                      On May 10, 1985, petitioner and Mr. DiMichele                                        
                purchased property at 1916-18 N. 5th Street for $32,000.                                   
                They paid for the property by check and did not finance any                                
                portion of the purchase.  At some time after they purchased                                
                the property, petitioner obtained sole ownership of it.                                    
                Petitioner remained the owner of the property at the time                                  
                of trial.                                                                                  
                      On December 11, 1985, petitioner and Mr. DiMichele                                   
                purchased property located at Trina Drive for $8,500.  They                                
                paid for the property with a check in the amount of $10,000                                
                that petitioner drew from her account at Home Unity Savings                                
                & Loan on December 4, 1985.  Petitioner and Mr. DiMichele                                  
                sold the property in 1994 for $65,000.                                                     

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Last modified: May 25, 2011