Tracy P. Streber, F.K.A. Tracy C. Parker, et al. - Page 8

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          The Northgate Forest Property                                               
               During 1979, Parker learned of approximately 440 contiguous            
          acres of undeveloped land (the Northgate Forest property) in a              
          residential area on the northern outskirts of Houston, Harris               
          County, Texas.  Parker retained Houston lawyer Martin Nathan                
          (Nathan) to assist him in the acquisition of the Northgate Forest           
          property.  Acting at Parker's direction, Nathan executed two                
          earnest money contracts (the earnest money contracts) with                  
          respect to the Northgate Forest property.  Both contracts were              
          dated July 11, 1979.  One contract was with respect to                      
          approximately 362 acres, and provided for a purchase price of               
          $4 million and an earnest money payment to the American Title Co.           
          (American Title) of $20,000; the other was with respect to                  
          approximately 75 acres, and provided for a purchase price of                
          $600,000 and an earnest money payment to American Title of                  
          $10,000.  Both contracts provided for seller financing and no               
          personal liability of the buyer.  Both contracts showed as                  
          purchaser "M. Nathan, his nominees or assigns".  Parker delivered           
          to Nathan checks to be used to make the two earnest money                   
          payments to American Title.  Those checks were deposited into               
          Nathan's attorney trust account, and Nathan paid American Title             
          with checks drawn on that attorney trust account.  When presented           
          for collection, Parker's checks to Nathan bounced (were                     
          dishonored); Nathan's checks to American Title did not.  A few              
          days later, Nathan told Parker that he (Nathan) wanted out of the           

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Last modified: May 25, 2011