Tracy P. Streber, F.K.A. Tracy C. Parker, et al. - Page 11

                                       - 11 -                                         
          Elaine Bradish          J. Robert Bradish                                   
          January 8, 1980                         1/8/80                              
               Parker and Bradish had agreed that the remaining 20 percent            
          of the Parker 50-percent interest in the potential joint venture            
          (10 percent of the joint venture) would belong to Bradish.                  
               Bradish believed that Parker wished the daughters to have              
          some interest in the joint venture to make good on promises that,           
          previously, he, Parker, had made to Betty to "take care of the              
          kids, put something away for the kids."  Bradish also believed              
          that Parker wanted the daughters to have an interest "from the              
          beginning", that he wanted them to "have their own interests",              
          and that he wanted those interests "protected from him, so he               
          couldn't get his hands on the money."                                       
               At or about the time that the January 8 writing was executed           
          by Bradish, Parker and Betty informed Tracy, then 14, and Teresa,           
          then 19, that they had an interest in the potential joint                   
          venture.  One or both of Parker and Betty explained to the                  
          daughters certain details of the January 8 writing.  They knew              
          that Bradish held their interests.                                          
          Disputes and Buyout                                                         
               By mid-1980, a dispute evolved between (1) Thoner and                  
          (2) Bradish and Parker.  That dispute put the future of the joint           
          venture in jeopardy.  The parties to the dispute agreed, however,           
          to modify the joint venture agreement and to settle their                   
          differences.  Among other documents, Thoner, Bradish, Parker, and           

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