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          deal and that Parker was to find someone else to put up the                 
          money.  Parker had told Nathan that he wanted his daughters to              
          have a part of the Northgate Forest property deal.                          
               Parker did not have sufficient credit or financial resources           
          to complete the purchase and proceed with the development of the            
          Northgate Forest property.  Both prior to and after execution of            
          the earnest money contracts, Parker searched for investors to               
          contribute to such purchase and development.                                
          The Joint Venture                                                           
               J. Robert Bradish (Bradish) is an attorney licensed to                 
          practice law in California.  During the 1960's, Bradish                     
          represented Parker.  Parker contacted Bradish in his attempts to            
          find investors for the Northgate Forest property.  Bradish                  
          located Jack Thoner (Thoner), a potential investor.  Bradish also           
          loaned Parker $70,000, $30,000 of which Parker used to reimburse            
          Nathan for Parker's bounced checks.  Parker negotiated with                 
          Thoner concerning a joint venture to develop the Northgate Forest           
          property.  By "Joint Venture Agreement" (the joint venture                  
          agreement) made between Bradish and Thoner on January 26, 1980,             
          Thoner and Bradish created a joint venture (the joint venture) to           
          acquire, subdivide, and otherwise deal with the Northgate Forest            
          property.  At about that time, Nathan assigned the earnest money            
          contracts to Bradish.  Simultaneously, Bradish acquired the                 
          Northgate Forest property and contributed it to the joint                   
          venture.  The joint venture agreement provides that Bradish and             

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