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          advertising.  TAG provided its sales representatives with order             
          forms, swatch cards, and envelopes preaddressed to TAG; TAG did             
          not supply its sales representatives with any other materials or            
          equipment, nor did TAG reimburse its sales representatives for              
          business-related expenses.  Hathaway  spent about $1,500-$2,200             
          per year for all of his "tools of the trade", such as sample                
          cases, hanging bags, traveling racks, business cards, and                   
               Hathaway incurred the costs of maintaining business                    
          quarters, one located at his home in Iowa and another at the                
          Hyatt Regency Mart in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He invested about            
          $18,500 to build and furnish a 650-square-foot dual-purpose                 
          office and showroom onto his house.  In the showroom, Hathaway              
          had forms, display tables, and full glass racks.  He used the               
          showroom to display TAG's merchandise to customers in Iowa.  In             
          the office, Hathaway had a desk, computer and printer tables,               
          bookshelf system, computer, printer, fax machine, copy machine,             
          and filing cabinets.  During the last 6 months of 1990, Hathaway            
          sublet showroom and office space in the Hyatt Regency Mart in               
          Minneapolis from another TAG sales representative at a rate of              
          $315 per month.  He spent about $8,500 to outfit the Minneapolis            
          facility with display and office equipment.  On November 26,                
          1990, Hathaway entered into a direct lease of a suite in the same           
          Minneapolis facility, for a term from January 20, 1991, through             
          August 31, 2000.                                                            

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