Thomas A. Johnson - Page 11

          abandoned the idea of opening his own store and instead focused             
          on the nutritional information system.                                      
               Petitioner paid the firm of Nordli Wilson to help him locate           
          compatible business associates.  In 1987, Sharon Akabas (Akabas),           
          a nutritionist recommended by Nordli Wilson, helped petitioner              
          develop the nutritional information needed for his system.                  
          Akabas has a doctorate in nutrition and exercise physiology, and            
          she served as an adjunct professor at the University of                     
          Bridgeport, Connecticut, while she consulted with petitioner.               
          Akabas attempted to simplify nutritional data contained in a                
          database managed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.                     
          Petitioner and Akabas attended conferences related to nutrition             
          or nutritional data banks.  Petitioner and Akabas had no written            
               Petitioner also consulted with Paul Voiland (Voiland) and              
          Steve Hendricken (Hendricken) during the development of the                 
          nutritional system.  Petitioner advertised for a manager in a               
          natural foods store, and Voiland responded.  Voiland had worked             
          in the natural food business for 14 years with experience in                
          retail, wholesale, and production.  He advised petitioner about             
          natural food stores, how they are set up, and the types of                  
          products sold in them.  Voiland also drafted and modified store             
          floor plans for petitioner.  Hendricken helped petitioner prepare           
          a business plan.  Petitioner had no written contract with either            
          Voiland or Hendricken.                                                      

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Last modified: May 25, 2011