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                                                 - 10 -                                                   

            for every transaction entered into it (transaction number).12                                 
            The cash register automatically assigned a transaction number to                              
            each transaction entered into it that increased by one each time                              
            a new transaction was entered into the cash register and printed                              
            that assigned transaction number on the cash register tape as                                 
            part of that transaction.  Opening the cash register by pressing                              
            a button known and hereinafter referred to as the no-sale button                              
            or activating the Z or reset mode also caused the cash register                               
            to record a transaction and to increase the transaction number by                             
                  For the periods January 1, 1987, through September 14, 1987,                            
            and May 30, 1990, through December 31, 1990, in addition to the                               
            functions described above, the cash register was programmed to                                
            print on the cash register tapes the time of day of every trans-                              
            action using a 24-hour clock (clock).                                                         
                        Cash Register Tapes of NDV Saved by Mr. Katerelos                                 
                  During the years at issue, Mr. Katerelos saved either the                               
            entire cash register tape for each day on which NDV was open for                              
            business or only a portion of each such tape.  Each such tape or                              
            portion thereof showed, inter alia, all the transaction totals                                
            since the last activation of the Z or reset mode, and the last                                
            item printed thereon was a Z reading.                                                         

            12  When the grand total was reset to zero as of May 30, 1990,                                
            the transaction number was also reset to zero.                                                

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