Estate of John Kenly, Deceased, Betty B. Kenly, Personal Representative - Page 5

                                                 - 5 -                                                    
                  In 1975, to insure that decedent had received all of Frank                              
            Kenly's interest in the Dunlap property, Frank Kenly conveyed his                             
            interest in an additional strip of land on the border of the                                  
            Dunlap property.  That conveyance was evidenced by a quitclaim                                
            deed that identified decedent as the grantee.  On May 3, 1979,                                
            decedent explained in an affidavit that “since March of 1975, the                             
            date on which the interest of FRANK KENLY was conveyed to your                                
            affiant, your affiant and his mother ZONA KENLY have paid the                                 
            taxes on and have been in open and adverse possession of the                                  
            * * * [additional strip of land].”  In 1979, the former owners of                             
            the Dunlap property executed a quitclaim deed to correct title to                             
            the Dunlap property.  That quitclaim deed identified the donees                               
            as decedent and Zona Kenly.                                                                   
                  In 1979, Zona Kenly and decedent sold a portion of the                                  
            Dunlap property.  The warranty deed that evidenced the sale                                   
            identified the sellers as "ZONA KENLY, an unmarried woman, and                                
            JOHN KENLY husband of Betty Blair Kenly dealing with his sole and                             
            separate property".                                                                           
            Exchange of 40 Acres in Dunlap Property for Windmill Ranch                                    
                  In 1980, Zona Kenly and decedent exchanged a 40-acre parcel                             
            of the Dunlap property (the 40-acre parcel) for property in                                   
            Kingman, Arizona (the Windmill Ranch).  In addition to that                                   
            property, the former owners of the Windmill Ranch assigned to                                 
            Zona Kenly and decedent their rights under a lease (the lease).                               
            John Hughes represented decedent in the exchange.                                             

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