Estate of John Kenly, Deceased, Betty B. Kenly, Personal Representative - Page 11

                                                 - 11 -                                                   
            of Reduction of Partnership Interest”, Zona reduced her interest                              
            in the partnership to 1 percent in consideration for receiving                                
            the Windmill Ranch.  The intended results were that decedent                                  
            would own 99 percent of the Bard property and Zona would own 100                              
            percent of the Windmill Ranch.                                                                
                  According to the warranty deed granting the Windmill Ranch                              
            to Zona Kenly, the grantors were “Windmill Ranch Partnership and                              
            John Kenly, husband of Betty Kenly, dealing with his sole and                                 
            separate property”.                                                                           
                  Decedent died before he could complete a sale of the Bard                               
            California Ancillary Probate Proceeding                                                       
                  Decedent died intestate.  Michael Hughes was attorney for                               
            petitioner in her capacity as personal representative of                                      
            decedent.  Michael Hughes and his father, attorney John Hughes,                               
            advised decedent's children, Rodney Kenly and Mark Kenly, that                                
            the Bard property was community property.  In January 1991,                                   
            Rodney Kenly and Mark Kenly each renounced any intestate share in                             
            decedent's estate.  The documents evidencing their renunciation                               
            were prepared by Michael Hughes.                                                              
                  By letter dated March 4, 1991, Phillip J. Krum, Jr., a                                  
            California attorney, advised Michael Hughes of certain options                                
            concerning the disposition of the Bard property.  In pertinent                                
            part, the letter stated:                                                                      

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