Estate of John Kenly, Deceased, Betty B. Kenly, Personal Representative - Page 6

                                                 - 6 -                                                    
                  The title report prepared in connection with the exchange                               
            lists the insureds as Zona Kenly and decedent and states that the                             
            interest insured under the policy is "a fee simple vested in ZONA                             
            KENLY, a widow, and JOHN KENLY, a married man, as his sole and                                
            separate property."  The sellers of the Windmill Ranch assigned                               
            the lease to "Zona Kenly, a divorced woman, and John Kenly, as                                
            his sole and separate property”.  According to the warranty deed                              
            for the 40-acre parcel, the sellers were “Zona Kenly, a widow and                             
            John Kenly, a married man dealing with his sole and separate                                  
            property.”  The sellers of the Windmill Ranch, by warranty deed,                              
            conveyed title to that property to "ZONA KENLY, a widow and JOHN                              
            KENLY, a married man as his sole and separate property”.                                      
                  On May 3, 1979, petitioner had signed and recorded a                                    
            disclaimer deed with respect to the 40-acre parcel.  That deed                                
            referred to petitioner as the undersigned and decedent as the                                 
            spouse.  It stated:                                                                           
                  1.  The spouse has acquired title to * * *                                              
                        [description of the 40-acre parcel].                                              
                  2.    The property above described is the sole and                                      
                        separate property of the spouse having been                                       
                        purchased with the separate funds of the                                          
                  3.    The undersigned has no past or present right,                                     
                        title, interest, claim or lien of any kind or                                     
                        nature whatsoever in, to or against said                                          
                  4.    This instrument is executed not for the                                           
                        purpose of making a gift to the spouse, but                                       
                        solely for the purpose of clearly showing of                                      

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Last modified: May 25, 2011