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            resided on such tribe's reservation.  In 1982, petitioner entered                            
            into a lease with the Prairie Island Tribal Council (tribal                                  
            council) wherein petitioner leased from the tribal council 270                               
            acres of the tribe's reservation for purposes of farming.  The                               
            lease was for a term of 25 years.  Over the entire tract of                                  
            leased land, petitioner raised corn, soybeans, wheat, winter                                 
            wheat, buckwheat, and seed corn.  Petitioner installed various                               
            irrigation equipment over portions of the property.                                          
                  In 1983, the tribal council began carrying out plans to                                
            build a bingo hall and a casino on a portion of petitioner's                                 
            leased land.  Pursuant thereto, the tribal council requested that                            
            petitioner cease his farming operations on a specified 10-acre                               
            portion of the land leased to petitioner; the tribal council                                 
            intended to use that 10 acres for the building and operation of                              
            the bingo hall and casino.  Petitioner agreed to relinquish the                              
            10 acres to the tribal council.                                                              
                  In connection with the further development of casino                                   
            operations on petitioner's leased land, the tribal council, in                               
            1984, terminated petitioner's lease on the 270 acres of farmland.                            
            Petitioner, however, continued to farm the land each year.  In                               
            1987, the tribal council entered into a second lease with                                    
            petitioner for the same 270 acres, less 10 acres "more or less,                              
            presently occupied by a bingo hall and parking lot."  The term of                            
            this lease was 10 years, which expired on December 31, 1996.                                 

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