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                  In December 1991, the tribal council informed petitioner in                            
            writing that the entire tract of land leased to him would be                                 
            required for "community economic development" (i.e., expansion of                            
            the casino buildings and operations), and that petitioner should                             
            cease all farming operations thereon.  The correspondence further                            
            stated that the provisions of petitioner's second lease would                                
            terminate upon petitioner's receipt of such correspondence.                                  
            Subsequently, petitioner ceased all farming operations on the                                
            leased land.  Under the terms of the lease, the tribal council                               
            reserved the right to terminate the lease as to all or part of                               
            the leased property for "economic development" by advising the                               
            lessee in writing on or before January 1 of the year in which the                            
            premises were required for economic development.  In such event,                             
            the lessee was not entitled to compensation for termination of                               
            the lease.  The lease provided otherwise where the termination                               
            notice was given after January 1 of the year for which economic                              
            development was contemplated.  Nevertheless, a dispute arose                                 
            between petitioner and the tribal council regarding the tribal                               
            council's right to terminate the lease and the tribal council's                              
            responsibility to reimburse petitioner for damages incurred by                               
            petitioner as a result of such termination.  At the time of the                              
            trial of this case, petitioner's continuing dispute with the                                 
            tribal council over this issue was scheduled for legal                                       
            arbitration proceedings.                                                                     

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