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          reluctant but agreed only when Max Burton consented to her ideas            
          about increasing the level and scope of business activity.                  
               In June 1986, Max Burton and Ms. Burton went to Korea, where           
          the burner covers that were sold by petitioner were manufactured.           
          They observed a cooking concept known as “bulgogi”, in which meat           
          was cooked on a metal plate placed over hot charcoal.  As of                
          January 1, 1987, Ms. Burton took over the affairs of petitioner.            
          By 1987, petitioner, primarily through the efforts of Ms. Burton,           
          had adapted the bulgogi cooking concept to American stove                   
          burners.  The “Burton Stove Top Grill” was first sold in the U.S.           
          market in 1987.                                                             
               Ms. Burton attended community college for 2 years after high           
          school.  After taking over petitioner’s business, she attended              
          continuing education classes in finance for small businesses,               
          computers, advertising, letter writing, brochure writing, and               
          employee relations.  Between 1976 and 1978, she worked with her             
          father as he started the burner cover business, but she was not             
          paid for that work.  After completing her 2 years of college, she           
          worked for Alaska Airlines for a year.  She then worked for the             
          Port of Seattle Police Department for 5 years, but she left there           
          in 1982 when she married Denovan, who was a sergeant with the               
          Port of Seattle Police Department.                                          
               In 1982, Ms. Burton was employed in petitioner’s business.             
          At that time, Ms. Burton made initial sales calls, developed                

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