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          sales promotional material, and developed an in-house system of             
          tracking customers to increase sales.  Because of declining                 
          business and differences with her father about business                     
          decisions, Ms. Burton left petitioner in 1985 and began to work             
          for Continental Airlines.                                                   
               Ms. Burton worked at Continental Airlines until 1987 and               
          remained as an employee on inactive status until 1990.  While at            
          Continental Airlines, she was a customer service agent for about            
          6 months and then was promoted to a supervisory position.  She              
          very much enjoyed that job and particularly the valuable travel             
          benefits available by reason of that employment.                            
               After the death of Max Burton, no employee of petitioner had           
          executive responsibilities other than Ms. Burton, Mr. Burton, and           
          Denovan.  Ms. Burton was responsible for the general management             
          of petitioner.  She directly supervised the other two officers,             
          established company goals and philosophies, and directed                    
          manufacturing quality control.  She was responsible for seeking             
          overseas manufacturers, and she personally negotiated                       
          manufacturing and shipping agreements with them.  Many of the               
          contracts that were negotiated by Ms. Burton were with Korean               
          companies.  She traveled to foreign countries, including Korea,             
          Taiwan, and China, in order to seek overseas manufacturers and to           
          negotiate manufacturing and shipping agreements.                            

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