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          at the University of Mississippi School of Law (the law school) in          
          University, Mississippi (which is adjacent to Oxford, Mississippi,          
          and which we will refer to as Oxford).  At that time, Mrs.                  
          Robertson started to work as the news director in the public                
          relations department at the University of Mississippi in Oxford.            
               On January 17, 1983, the Governor of Mississippi appointed             
          petitioner a Justice on the Mississippi Supreme Court,                      
          Mississippi's highest court. Petitioner was appointed to fill a             
          retired Justice's unexpired term which was to end on December 31,           
          1984.  In November 1983, because there were more than 9 months left         
          in the unexpired term, petitioner was required under Mississippi            
          law to stand for election for the remainder of the term.                    
          Petitioner was elected without opposition.  In 1984, petitioner ran         
          for reelection, with opposition, and won a full 8-year term that            
          expired on December 31, 1992.                                               
               The Mississippi Supreme Court, which is situated in Jackson,           
          Mississippi, consists of nine Justices and is divided into three            
          districts (northern, central, and southern); three Justices are             
          elected to each of the three districts.  Petitioner was elected to          
          the Third (Northern) District (which included Oxford).                      
               After petitioner's appointment and subsequent election to the          
          Mississippi Supreme Court, he continued to teach one course each            
          semester (except during the summer) at the law school in Oxford.            
          As an adjunct professor, petitioner was given an office at the law          

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