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          office where the Justice changed his residence from the district to         
          which he was elected.  Id. at 575.                                          
               With regard  to  the  case  before  us,  the  Mississippi              
          Constitution provides that "The legislature shall divide the state          
          into three Supreme Court districts, and there shall be elected one          
          judge for and from each district".  Miss. Const. art. VI, sec. 145.         
          This section indicates, as petitioner asserts on brief, that the            
          Justices  must  reside  in  their  respective  districts  as a              
          prerequisite to election (or appointment) to the court.  However,           
          the section goes on to provide that "the removal of a judge to the          
          state capitol during his term of office shall not render him                
          ineligible as his own successor for the districts from which he has         
          removed."  Id.                                                              
               Petitioner and other present and former Justices testified             
          that this latter phrase means that there is no legal requirement            
          that Justices maintain their residences in their home districts             
          while  serving  on  the  Mississippi  Supreme  Court.  Their                
          interpretation is supported by two different State statutes.                
          Section 25-1-61 of the Mississippi Code provides that State                 
          officers who must remove themselves to another county for official          
          purposes will be deemed to maintain their home residence, unless            
          they choose to establish a new residence in the county where they           
          are performing their official duties.  Miss. Code Ann. sec. 25-1-61         

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