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               As a Justice, petitioner had two primary duties in Jackson.            
          First, petitioner was assigned to a three-Justice panel, as                 
          designated by the Chief Justice, to hear cases.  When the                   
          Mississippi Supreme Court is in session, each panel hears cases 1           
          day during the week. Typically, each panel hears cases for a 6-week         
          period, followed by a 3-week period for writing opinions. Second,           
          petitioner heard cases at en banc conferences 1 day per week.  The          
          panel hearings and en banc hearings were generally on separate              
          days, and thus as a matter of practicality the Justices' presence           
          in Jackson was required at least 2 days out of each week.                   
               At the Mississippi Supreme Court, petitioner had an office,            
          staff, and access to the State library.  However, petitioner, like          
          other Justices, often preferred to conduct his research and draft           
          opinions at home in his district.  Petitioner completed much of his         
          judicial work at the law school library in Oxford during the                
               Although not legally required to do so, petitioner, as well as         
          most other Justices, performed various nonjudicial civic functions          
          in his home district in Oxford.  The purpose of participating in            
          these civic activities was in part to secure reelection.  Some of           
          the activities included: (1) Visiting local judges' and clerks'             
          offices, bar associations, and colleges and universities; (2)               
          giving speeches at civic organizations, schools, churches, and              
          public dedications; and (3) participating in continuing legal               

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