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          1. Petitioner's Professional Activities                                     
               In 1987, petitioner began teaching at the University of                
          Connecticut (UConn) as an associate professor of history.                   
          Petitioner received tenure in 1988 and stayed at UConn through              
          the scholastic year 1993-94.3  As a professor at UConn,                     
          petitioner taught undergraduate courses in Western civilization             
          and the Italian Renaissance and three graduate seminars entitled            
          Topics in Italian History, The New Social and Cultural History,             
          and Gender and Early Modern Europe.                                         
               In 1990, petitioner was awarded a John Simon Guggenheim                
          (Guggenheim) fellowship in the amount of $27,000 and a Harvard              
          Villa I Tatti fellowship in the amount of $6,500.4  Petitioner              
          believed that the fellowships would provide him with the                    
          opportunity to conduct research for a book he was writing,                  
          relating to sexuality and power during the late Italian                     
          Renaissance.  Petitioner sought to work with unique Italian                 
          archival materials in the lively intellectual atmosphere afforded           
          by the Villa I Tatti.  Petitioner also favored the Villa I Tatti            
          because it was removed from the demands of the university                   

               3  In 1994, petitioner began teaching at the University of             
          Miami, Florida.                                                             
               4  Harvard Villa I Tatti is an academic institution located            
          near Florence, Italy, equipped with an extensive library and                
          designed as a forum for scholars to conduct research and produce            
          scholarly material.                                                         

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